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How do I get one of your NFTs?

I’m currently doing a promo drop from my recent visit to Yellowstone! There are 7 different NFTs in this series, and every single one of them is animated!


It works like a vending machine - when you send ADA, you'll receive the NFT(s) within minutes!


Please Send 12 ADA to this address using a wallet that supports NFTs (Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite, ...):   addr1vyajndy0f5zt4w8sk49he0qxknrx6v86qhe6w030k09m5js33dfgc


Check it out, see the inventory here:


You can send up to ten multiples of 12 ADA if you would like to purchase multiple NFTs. For example, if you would like 3 NFTs, distributed randomly, please send 36 ADA (3x12).

Shanghai, Cape Town, and Vietnam NFTs are minted in addition to the Yellowstone series! Please visit to purchase!

How many NFTs will you mint?

This set contains 20 NFTs of my favorite work. I'll mint one photograph at a time with a specific quantity, and that's it. Limited release means I won't mint the same photograph again after the limited release, ever. 

How many of NFTs will you mint of each photo?

Shanghai - 150

Vietnam - 25

Cape Town - 25

Yellowstone - 20 of each in the collection of 7 NFTs

How much will one NFT cost?

Yellowstone promo price is 12 ADA each.

When can I buy NFTs?

Please visit to purchase Shanghai, Cape Town, and Vietnam.

My Yellowstone series is available now at the link above.

Will you do any giveaways?

YES!!! The giveaway for my Shanghai NFTs finished, but please keep an eye out for future giveaways.

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